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Scale – solo show with Ágnes Hardi

In 2019 a new non-profit and experimental place has opened at Budapest, in the factory building of the underground Artus Studio: the ‚Switch Space’. The curator, Judit Csanádi asked me to create a solo show there as its opening, and I designed a cooperation with Ágnes Hardi, sculptor, there. We made site-specific installations in a

Placeless Practices – video with Manuel F. Contreras

This video was recorded at Zalaszegvár, Hungary, exactly where my Great-grandparents’ chateau was before 1945: the castle was destroyed by Russian soldiers and the estate has been nationalized by the communists. Concept: Margit Koller Cameraman: Manuel F. Contreras Cast: Veronika Jeszenszkyné Kölcsei (my grandmother) Éva Kollerné Jeszenszky (my mother) Margit Koller (me) and Ilona Lázár,

Weather – site-specific videoinstallation

site-specific videoinstallation, 2016 I have got a possibility to create a site-specific videoinstallation in Kunsthalle Budapest for a group exhibition, here is the photo documentation. ​Two parallel phenomena appear (looped) in the projected image of the window: the process of dawn and dusk. The two time planes are connected to the very space and view

Opening – videoinstallation

videoinstallation, 2014 There is a space somewhere in Budapest, where three doors exist behind each other. I recorded a video here which shows the illusion if the three doors would opened and then closed by themselves in a loop way. I project onto the wall in real size so they open to a virtual dimension