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Suspended – solo show

Solo show, 2019 November, Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, Budapest I haven’t designed autonomous artworks but a whole environment composed site-specifically to the given space at my solo show, called Suspended. I built a route-network where the symbolical stair- and gangways are impassable. I suspended the possibilities of the body moving through the space, as passing, crossing,

Pass it on – solo show with Manuel F. Contreras

Solo show with the Colombian doucmentary filmmaker and cameraman, Manuel F. Contreras at 2B Gallery, Budapest. Curator: Varga Tünde, esztéta Press release: Manuel F. Contreras and Margit Koller are doctoral students at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest. During their studies they have discovered common traits in their creative work and artistic thinking, even

Three Doors – solo show

2018, site-specific installation Projection, metal fabric and spotlight My solo show titled ‘Three Doors’ opened in February, 2018 at the Parthenon Friese Hall, Budapest. I exhibited a site-specific installation: a video projection (with more layers on each other) and a metal fabric installation which are both the original entrance’s copies. This environment is a try

Timetrack – solo show

soloshow of my site-specific videoinstallations, 2014, Labor Gallery, Budapest I won an opportunity for a solo show in a competition by Labor Gallery, Budapest in 2014. I exhibited some of my former videoinstallations and I made a new directly for this space creating a virtual environment in the empty white-cube. I projected the Times are