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Two-A-Side – student exhibition project

From the academic year of 2017/18 I’ve started to teach a course with my supervisor, dr. habil Valéria Sass DLA. It is an interdisciplinary course, opened for most of the departments in the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where the officially educational system separates the students for traditional, autonomous art departments as Painting, Sculpture, Graphic

SziLAC – ‘Sziki’ Land Art Camp

In 2017 I was invited to the first SziLAC – ‘Sziki’Land Art Camp artworkshop as a mentor. We had great time with art students on a farm at the greath Hungarian Flatland. The main organizers, our hosts were Eszter Kató (landscape architect) and András Fodor (birdcatcher and farm owner) provided us a platform of cooperating

Paramnesia – The Oppressiveness of the Irrepeatability of Perfection

The last group exhibition of the 6D group in 2017, Budapest Gallery. „Repetition and recollection are the same movement, except in opposite directions, for what is recollected has been, is repeated backward, whereas genuine repetition is recollected forward. Repetition, therefore, if it is possible, makes a person happy-assuming, of course, that he gives himself time

Accident – group exhibition with 6D group

This exhibition achieved in a cooperation between the 6D art group and the Omnivore Gallery, Budapest. We were working together with Ágnes Hardi, Loránd Szécsényi-Nagy, Piroska Bibok and Évi Jámbor but there were no separated artwork in the exhibition space. We created in the space a virtual environment which were perceptable only by smartphones. With