Koller Margit

szobrok, installációk, videók és fotók

Paramnesia – The Oppressiveness of the Irrepeatability of Perfection


The last group exhibition of the 6D group in 2017, Budapest Gallery.

„Repetition and recollection are the same movement, except in opposite directions, for what is recollected has been, is repeated backward, whereas genuine repetition is recollected forward. Repetition, therefore, if it is possible, makes a person happy-assuming, of course, that he gives himself time to live and does not promptly at birth find an excuse to sneak out of life again, for example, that he has forgotten something.”

(Søren Aabye Kierkegaard: Repetition)

 The present exhibition by the 6D group revolves around the subject of repetition: repetitive actions, motion as process and the temporal bearing of repetition are in focus. Repetitive actions move between two poles: in their state of compulsion, an emptying manifests itself, but it can also transform into a ritual that enables personality to remain united. When does meditative immersion become experience, and when does it remain simply a tedious, daily pastime? Repetition, as an adherence to the past, can provide a system and security, but the recurring recollection of memories can make it more difficult to experience the present and can become an attempt to escape.

In order to realize the exhibition, a method was used that is preferred by the group: the works on exhibit are not displayed simply as autonomous works inside a white cube, but become part of an installation experiment.

The individual works – by way of communication amongst the members – were tuned to one another’s works and to the gallery space. The “Pass it on” game seen in one of the rooms provides a glimpse of this underlying inner logic. Accordingly, members of the group passed on their conceptions to the person next in line, and thus each work evolved from the preceding one.