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SziLAC – ‘Sziki’ Land Art Camp


In 2017 I was invited to the first SziLAC – ‘Sziki’Land Art Camp artworkshop as a mentor. We had great time with art students on a farm at the greath Hungarian Flatland. The main organizers, our hosts were Eszter Kató (landscape architect) and András Fodor (birdcatcher and farm owner) provided us a platform of cooperating in the field of Land Art. The other mentor was a landscape architect, Almási Balázs ( http://www.almasibalazs.hu/?page_id=1692 ).

We advertised the artcamp for university students – architects, landscape architects and fine artists. At the artcamp we tryed to create an atmosphere where the different people could truly connect to each other’s thinking and creating process, so they created smaller workgroups. We’re working and living there in nomadic circumstances but kind of harmony with the nature. It was really inspiring all of us – mostly citizens.

My own works can be seen under ‘Installations, videos’ topic. 

Here are some videos and pictures from the workshop.

The facebook page of the arcamp: https://www.facebook.com/szitalandart/

The webpage of the artcamp: https://www.facebook.com/SzalakotaTanya

And we also organized an exhibition in an artist-run-space in Budapest: Pince ( https://www.facebook.com/pinceproject/ ).