Koller Margit

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Tag: sound installation

Measuring Memory – videoinstallation

2018.  Installation. Sound, projection, objects How many generations does it take for a person’s memory to fade completely; how long can memory be salvaged through our objects? Mária Wendt obtained her certificate from the Hungarian Royal School of Model Drawing and Teacher Training in 1920. I, as her great-grandchild, earned an MA degree in 2015

Lichthof Symphony No.17 – dadaist symphony

site-specific soundinstallation, 2017 My dada symphony which was exhibited like a sound installation in the rector’s toilet of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts on the occasion of the centenary of Cabaret Voltaire. I was recording the sounds, rumbles and strangers’ dialogues through months in different lichthofs (the tube between the flats in tipical apartment blocks in Budapest)