Koller Margit

szobrok, installációk, videók és fotók

I Extinguish my Memories – site-specific videoinstallation

Installations, Videos

site-specific videoinstallation, 2016-17

The retention, recollection and reinterpretation of our memories are the cornerstones of how our personalities evolve. Memories help us process our experiences, but if we relive them repeatedly, they lose their force and their significance. The video shows a path I often took as a child, a path down which I walked for weeks with my hand-held camera. I have edited the recordings to create the illusion of a single journey down this path, but this single journey still contains the time of the self-curing process stemming from repetition.

I created this work for the group exhibition of 6D artgroup called Paramnesia and directly to one of the room in the Budapest Gallery.