Koller Margit

szobrok, installációk, videók és fotók

Times are Changing in my Window – site-specific videoinstallation

Installations, Videos

site-specific videoinstallation, 2013-14

This video is one of my first videoinstallation’s documentation. I was shooting videos for 8 months from a fixed place at my university studio and then cut one video by these recordings with seven different layers. I projected it onto the 7 glazings of the window overlayed by paper then 7 different seasons were visible on it: from falling leaves, or snowing, till some windy weather of the late spring. It had no story just different tiny phenomenas appeared like birds or people crossed the road or the wind was blowing the trees.

With this meditative-like video installation I tried to turn the focus of the vier to the permanent time as an alternative of the linearity. There is no absolute time, there is no absolute space – there is no absolute truth. There are only parallel views and dimensions of perception. Our existence is not a linear line-like way, but a field with parallel dimensions touching each other.