Koller Margit

szobrok, installációk, videók és fotók


Hungary, Budapest, 1991

I’m a Budapest based fine artist, PhD student, working with video installations, projections, videos and sculptures. I’m doing my research on the field of big scale installations and environments connecting the perception of our surrounding space and time. I don’t believe in absolute truth or general parameters, but the individuum and its subjective experiences. But how could the different individuals not separate in a globalized world with its globalized time and impersonal spaces? With my works I try to inhabit given spaces in site-specific way. I want to lead the public’s gaze into their surrounding space and time which I build around them in an exhibition situation. I work mostly with the motif of door and window: I project videos on them or build them, but I always mix the time and space in a way which suggest the viewer to rethink his basic sensory skills to get a weapon against the manipulation of the authority.
I try to do my best to translate all of my works to English, but there are more contents in Hungarian yet – coming soon more English content!


2015 –
HUFA, Doctoral Programme (DLA)
Research topic: The Non-autonomous Artwork, Supervisor: dr. habil. Valéria Sass DLA
2009 – 2015
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Faculty of Sculpture
2014 – 2015
HUFA, Faculty of Fineart Teacher
Erasmus Program, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (Monumental Art class, Intermedia)
2005 – 2009
Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculty of Sculpture 

Solo exhibitions

Three Doors (Parthenon-friese Hall, Budapest)
Timetrack(Labor Gallery, Budapest) 
Hesse’s Permanency (HUFA)
Segment(in the baroque Calvary of the HUFA)

Selected group exhibitions

Time of Our Lives?(MODEM, Debrecen)
Memories of Forgetting – Photo / Model 2. (Barcsay Hall, Budapest)
Farm Atelier (PINCE, Budapest)
Salt (Kunstküche, Budapest)
Rootzone (as a curator, Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, Budapest)
Paramnesia (with 6D group, Budapest Gallery, Budapest) 
DLADLA100 (HUFA, Barcsay Hall)
Pictures and Pixels (Kunsthalle, Budapest)
Borderline Case (Parthenon-frieze Hall, Budapest)
Accident (Omnivore Gallery, Budapest)
The Plot Thickens (Kunstpodium T, Tilburg, Hollandia)
Aperitif(L Art Open Studios, Budapest)
Side by Side in the Middle (Omnivore Gallery, Budapest)
Best of Diploma (HUFA, Barcsay Hall)
Five and more (Artus Gallery, Budapest)
Spaces of Uncertainty (HUFA, Barcsay Hall)
Young Artists at Nagyatád (Nagyatád)
Your Own Reality (House of Arts, Gödöllő)
Hole(Fészek Gallery, Budapest)
56,3 square meters (Fészek Gallery, Budapest)
National Art Student Conference (Eger)
Sculpture in Built Spaces
(course exhibition in Parthenon-fríz Gallery, HUFA)
Malomkörzés(Artmill of Szentendre)

Awards and Scholarships

Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation Research Scholarship, New York
National Excellence Program
Vígh Tamás Award (for the best sculpture diplomawork)
Székely Bertalan Award
Erasmus scholarship, Prague, Academy of Fine Arts, Monumental Art Class
Institutional Art Student Conference; Sculpture section


International Lake Velence Symposium, Hungary
‘SzITA’ Land Art workshop, Hungary
Apprentice/Master project, Tillburg, Netherland
Woodcarwing Symposium, Nagyatád, Hungary

Bibliography (in English)